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Pantech's WM5-powered PN-820 clamshell for Verizon

Evan Blass

PhoneArena has once again and gotten the dirt on a new handset, and a pretty hot one at that: a Windows Mobile-powered Pantech flip phone that's supposedly heading straight to Verizon. Courtesy of extensive documentation from our friends at the FCC, the PhoneArena gang learned that the PN-820 clamshell runs on WM5 for Smartphones, sports a 1.3 megapixel camera and miniSD slot, and perhaps best of all, has all of your networking needs covered with both WiFi and Bluetooth (well, not all of them -- cellular data seems to max out at 1xRTT). While certainly not the hottest PocketPC clamshell we've seen (that honor goes to the HTC Star Trek), the PN-120 should still be one of the easiest ways to slide WM5 into your pocket once it hits stores.

[Via PhoneArena]

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