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Samsung launches E900 slider in Europe


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Though always the first to cram a few more megapixels into a cameraphone or shave a few millimeters off a slimphone, Samsung hasn't ever really seemed to try very hard on their UI. Well they're trying something new with their E900 called "Black UI," which looks pretty snazzy and even (heaven forbid) usable. That's not to say they forgot about the hardware this time, the E900 looks to be a respectable slider phone, with a touch-sensitive control pad not unlike that of LG's Chocolate phone. The phone measures 0.65-inches thick, and has a 2-inch display, 2 megapixel camera, microSD storage, and Bluetooth. The phone also boasts music playback functionality, and the control pad switches from phone mode to music player mode based on what you're using it for. We're not sure what carrier(s) are getting this phone in Europe, or the price, but it looks to be a solid contender for at least a few hard earned Euros. Click on for more pics.

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