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Sony moves back Blu-ray content for Samsung

Ryan Block, @ryan

Oh, Blu-ray and HD DVD -- you always got to be one-upping each another? Toshiba delayed launching their first volley of HD DVD players until there was some content to play on the things, but today Sony Pictures Home Entertainment confirmed the opposite. They're postponing launching their content until Samsung's belated BD-P1000 first hits stores in late June, so as to "better coincide with the first commercially available Blu-ray-compatible hardware." Gee, this sounds so much like Toshiba's delay to "synchronize the launch of our players with HD DVD title releases" that we're starting to think the thing these two camps are best at synchronizing is their pattern of delays to be tit for tat. So to those hoping to snag some Blu-ray titles for staring at listlessly while their players are being manufactured and shipped from Korea will have to find other, less capacious data mediums into which they'll cast their gaze.

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