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"Tepid" response to high definition DVDs?


That's what Peerflix is saying. The DVD trading service surveyed some of their most active DVD-buying users and found 1 in 5 plan to buy either HD DVD or Blu-ray in 2006.

Really who didn't see this coming? Between high priced players, limited releases and battling incompatible formats this is pretty much to be expected. We are only at the very beginning of these formats and it will take a while for support to build for either one. Most people, even high definition and movie buffs, will wait for at least one of the three main conflicts to be resolved before coming off the sidelines. Let's revisit this topic in six months when players and movies have been on shelves, LG's combo player may be out and we can better anticipate future price movement.

[Thanks for the tip Jason!]

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