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Turok 3 interview and screens


The Turok franchise has been an acquired taste; where most FPS franchises gain popularity through a constant rate of carnage, Turok the Dinosaur Hunter featured large environments and heavy segments of exploration. When it debuted with this formula on the N64, the game was widely received as being a generally great game. The rest of its installments on the console followed the path that the first title paved and it wasn't until Turok: Evolution hit the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube that the franchise became the fish out of water, flapping on the concrete and slowly dying.

As such, the announcement that Turok would be returning to the PS3 with a new team of dedicated folks behind it who aim to return to the franchise's grass roots of its glory days on the N64 brought about hope to many a gamer. IGN picked up on that beacon of hope and set sail through dark waters in order to conduct an interview with Propaganda Games Vice President and General Manager Josh Holmes.

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