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LightVu HMD uses "NanoPrism" tech to eliminate "cyberstress"

Evan Blass

Although not any more stylish than the rest of the head-mounted displays on the market, the LightVu reference design from Israeli startup Mirage Innovations could provide a benefit even more important than fashion, which is preventing you from throwing up. The lightweight plastic goggles feature a proprietary technology that the company calls "NanoPrism," which supposedly eliminates the "cyberstress" (nausea, dizziness, vertigo) inherent to other binocular devices by some fancy manipulation of the 42-inch-equivalent picture. Specifically, a diffractive optical plate built into the frames reflects the video from whatever microdisplay device is being used (LCD, LCOS, OLED) so that both eyes see one continuous image. So far no manufacturers have picked up this design, but we'll take one for a spin after a big meal if we ever get a chance, and let you know if we were able to keep our food down.

[Via EE Times and I4U]

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