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Xbox 360 spotted on South Park ... with 4 wired controllers?


Microsoft's Xbox 360 made its South Park debut last night. In one scene (seen here), Stan, Kyle, Butters, and Kenny are all using wired controllers. What up with that?

Could this be a hint? Is Microsoft planning a major Xbox 360 announcement at E3? A revelation that would trump anything that Nintendo or Sony could whip out? A new Xbox 360 model with four — yes, four! — USB ports?

Consider this ... what if Microsoft has already played out wireless? Heck, for that matter, what if the next-gen forerunner has already played out the entire HD era (notice the standard def hookup)? Is the next turn for Microsoft ... the retro era? A mess of tangled wires ... a pile of dusty cartridges ... 2D-pixelated Halo? C'mon, admit it, that would better than any of this Wiimote propaganda or those fourth dimension rumors we've been hearing from the other guys.

... Okay, we're just being silly — we'll stop. So did anyone else catch the South Park episode last night?

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