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Silent Hill: Origins poster at E3


Here's another snap from the pre-E3 LA Convention Center, this time of Silent Hill: Origins. Common sense dictates that this is simply an alternate title for the forthcoming PSP remake of the original game, titled Silent Hill: Original Sin. Rampant desire and unlikely to be fulfilled dreams, however, suggest that it's the name of the gloriously rendered PS3 version of Harry's twisted quest to find "a little girl with black hair" and his occasional run-ins with deranged cultists, meat monsters (with sewing machines for hands) and deserted wheelchairs. I can hope, right?

It's great that the original game in an excellent series is being revisited, but I'm dubious of how well a portable platform will be able to reproduce the qualities of Silent Hill. Immersion may be difficult to pull off successfully in a handheld device, but given its video and audio capabilities, the PSP is likely to be the best choice for a survival horror title.

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