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More on the Boston Apple Store


This story has almost as much drama as Apple's recent legal battle. Apple is planning on putting a new flagship store in Boston, Ma. The design initially proposed to Boston's Back Bay Architectural Committee (BBAC) was shot down (the BBAC didn't like its contemporary look). Next, a rumor surfaced that Apple may move into the building on the corner of Mass. Ave. and Newbury street that currently houses the Virgin Mega Store, thereby thwarting the BBAC's complaints by taking over a pre-existing building.

Today, the Boston Herald is reporting that Apple has proposed a revamped design for the original Boylston Street location (currently the Copy Cop across the street from the Prudential building). This new design supposedly features a circular staircase, rooftop garden and all-glass facade. Apple has stated that the only option is for them to demolish the existing building and start over, as fixing up the existing structure would add six months and nearly $3 million to their schedule.

Can't we all agree and just get this thing built already? I'm dying to check it out!

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