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Sony Playstation 3 Conference Details


Lets get down to the facts.
  • $499 w/20GB HDD, $599 w/ 60GB HDD in the United States
  • No new details about Blu-ray movie playback or drive speed
  • Japan launch date: November 11
  • US Launch date: November 17
  • 2 million PS3s to ship in "launch window"
  • Accelerometer in a wireless dual shock controller, much like Nintendo's, no rumble support
  • Showed Gran Turismo HD: a special version using GT4 models rendered at 1080p and 60fps
Well there it is folks, don't forget to check out Joystiq for the moment to moment updates, although they are likely to slow down momentarily as Sony's last announcement was that they had playable PS3 games onsite. Now I suppose the question is why would anyone buy an HD DVD player for $500 when they can get a PS3 for the same price. Did anybody else check out the stream (via or, what were your impressions?

My thoughts: I was confused by the GTHD showing, since it was only GT4 upconverted and didn't look much advanced over GT4 as a result, I don't know why it was shown. Interestingly if I recall correctly, that was the only game where they specified the resolution and framerate, although I may have missed something. Heavenly Sword looked nice, as well as a Yu-gi-oh style card game using the Eyetoy to bring CG into real life. There was a 99 Nights-style game, Genji, that looked pretty average, but the shooter 8 Days was stunning, we will have to see how that compares to the new Hard Boiled-based game coming out. Most of the other stuff was ok, some impressive, some disappointing, but I'll wait until we see high definition direct feed trailers posted on Playsyde to say more.

Overall however I felt good about the PS3 and the games it has coming out, if not blown away just yet. The price point is about where I expected as well, we'll have to see what the launch titles are before I decide to buy.

Now we can wait to see if we get a price on Microsoft's HD DVD drive tomorrow and how their games look compared to the playable PS3 games shown.

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