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Vodafone Germany to offer Samsung's HSDPA-enabled SGH-ZV50

Evan Blass

Slashphone's got the inside dirt on a new feature-filled Samsung clamshell coming to Vodaphone Germany, whose claim to fame is surely its ability to hop on Voda's high-speed HSDPA network. You get more than zippy web browsing with the SGH-ZV50 -- which gets its design from another Sammy handset, the V7400 -- however, as this clamshell also sports a two megapixel camera, 40MB of internal memory plus microSD slot, and a set of dedicated music controls on the front of the flip. Exclusively available to Vodafone customers, the ZV50 will probably be most popular in Hanover, Dorf, Munich, and Frankfort, which is where the company currently offers 5GB of HSDPA usage per month for what appears to be 49 euros. No pricing or launch date for the handset itself, but Slashphone tells us that it will be in stores "very soon."

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