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Rumor: Wii to sell for $249? [update 2]

Blake Snow

Some speculative Wii details have begun hitting internet forums. From the post: "I just picked up the EGM issue with Zelda on the cover that I spoke about in the Nintendo conference. There are new Zelda shots, looks GREAT... There's also pics of Monkey Ball, Tony Hawk, Rayman and Red Steel."

Here's what else shows up in the thread:

  • $249 Price tag [we've learned that this price may not be accurate.]
  • Virtual Consoler (we knew this)
  • 3d Controller (we knew this)
  • ALWAYS online (console is always online, even when OFF)
  • Built in speaker on the controller
Less than a day, and we'll know for sure or not how much of the above is true.

[Updates 1 and 2: added and adjusted a note hedging price accuracy in first bullet point.]

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