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18 Xbox Live Arcade titles revealed [update 1]


Here's a quick n' dirty breakdown of the 18 Xbox Live Arcade games that were playable at Microsoft's after (media breifing) party:

  • Cloning Clyde - indie platformer
  • Contra - arcade port; Konami code works; diagonal shooting was spotty
  • Defender - arcade port
  • Frogger - arcade port
  • Galaga - arcade port
  • Heavy Weapon - indie side-scrolling tank shooter
  • Lumines Live - like PSP version, but with downloadable videos
  • Mutant Storm Empire - indie sequel with upgraded visuals; continuous levels; room-to-room (a la Smash TV)
  • Pac-Man - arcade port
  • RoboBlitz - indie title using Unreal Engine 3; build was unplayable unbearable
  • Scramble - arcade port
  • Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting - arcade port; controls (on gamepad) were inconsistent
  • Small Arms - indie Smash Bros. ripoff
  • Texas Hold 'Em - poker (without real money)
  • Time Pilot - arcade port
  • Totemball - indie camera-controlled musical platform adventure
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - arcade port
  • Uno - card game
A Microsoft representative told us that these titles should be available by the holiday season, with some seeing summer/fall releases. Street Fighter, Texas Hold 'Em, and Uno will represent the next available batch of XBL Arcade games and should be released in the coming weeks.

Update: Uno is (available on) Live! [Thanks, Dan]

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