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Engadget Podcast 078 - 05.09.06


Now that the plane has landed, we've got our show reg covered and the first of the big three keynotes is out of the way, we decided to hit the mic with some of our fellow Joystiq bretheren and recap day one of E3 '06. No big surprise that Sony dominated today's news, what with their launch date hopes announcement for the PlayStation 3, its pricing strategy, and a new trick for the old dog that is their PS3 controller redesign. Not to be left in the dust, Nintendo did get some Wii launch titles confirmed; yet unconfirmed, however, is that fresh new rumor about the Wii clocking in at $250 when it hits the U.S. streets. Microsoft didn't want to go without their share of attention as well, and confirmed that the Xbox 360's HD DVD drive will connect via USB. (You can imagine our surprise on that one.) Day one is over, day two has just started, but podcast 78 is a go.

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Ryan Block

Joystiq's Chris Grant, Ross Miller and James Ransom-Wiley

Randall Bennett

J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

54:28, 24.9 MB, MP3

00:00 - Playstation 3 - Sony's Keynote
35:30 - Nintendo Wii selling for $250?
40:52 - Square / Enix deets
44:19 - Microsoft says HD DVD connects via USB (duh)


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