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PS3: A tale of 2 SKUs

Ross Miller

So the PlayStation 3, as we just learned, is launching as two different SKUs. Since many of you have asked, and just as many of you have tipped us to the press release, here are the differences between the "base" and "premium" version of the console.
  • You lose 40GB (20GB base vs. 60GB)
  • You lose HDMI output
  • You lose MemoryStick / SD / CompactFlash slots
  • You lose 802.11 b/g wireless
  • You save $100
We are not sure how upgradeable the base model is going to be. The extra $100 is looking good to us. It's kind of strange how Sony did an about-face on the multiple SKU model, but we guess it has something to do with that $599 price tag.

[Image from our Sony press conference; thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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