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PS3 worth its weight in Uranium


When hordes of gamers stand in line at a press conference, eagerly awaiting a disgruntled security guard to open the doors and let them storm through, the conversations one can overhear seem to fluctuate wildly between intriguing and painfully moronic. One of these discussions, which nestles snugly between those two extremes, was regarding the PS3's rather hefty cost. It didn't take long for someone to make the joke that the PS3 is just about worth its weight in gold. The remarks got a few laughs, despite the fact that current gold prices don't quite match up to such a claim.

The $599 PS3 is, however, worth its weight in Uranium. The radioactive substance so popular amongst terrorists is expected to hit $54 a pound this year, meaning that if you choose to buy 11 pounds of Uranium (and why wouldn't you?), you'll actually end up saving $5. Cutting-edge console and Blu-Ray player, or a vast quantity of apocalyptic material? Not an easy decision to make, but either investment will likely end up blowing you away (sorry).

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