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Sam & Max not GameTap exclusive

Ross Miller

Joystiq reader Danno has pointed out that, according to the Sam & Max F.A.Q., gamers will not need a GameTap subscription (a correction we need to make for the better of society): in fact, the title will still be available as a download via TellTale's main page in the same manner in which Bone is currently offered.

The F.A.Q. further offers some tidbits about the voice acting (which is not being done by any Sam & Max veterans -- "Take a few minutes to stomp your feet and swear at us. We'll wait."), their decision to work with GameTap ("They're giving us the freedom to make the games Sam & Max deserve"), and their decision to work in 3D (series creator Steve Purcell's day job).

We're excited; the title is due out in the fall and a downloadable trailer is purported to hit the internet on Thursday -- be sure to check it out for some old-school adventure action.

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