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E3 Day One: Booth babe spotting

Jennie Lees

At E3, we hoped to see some ladies wearing a little more than in previous years. Despite any enforcement of rules, there were still a lot of assets on display on the show floor -- here's some of the best (and worst) from day one.

To our right is a classic uncomfortable, gimmicky costume. She (we assume it's a she) doesn't have to keep smiling, 'cause it's pasted on. Warning: repeatedly raising your arms in the Ms. Pac-Man gesture of welcome may cause injury.

These ladies are clearly thrilled to be posing next to nerds all day long. Their shoes are uncomfortable, though at least they're not suffocating in those outfits. The one on the right is about to grab that sword and behead the next guy who sits, sweating, on that throne.

Where to begin? PVC isn't the most comfortable of fabrics in a hot show floor environment, and these ladies are feeling the strain. The one in the middle looks like she's about to bite. Of course, we're just jealous because none of us would look quite so cool after spending an entire day encased in plastic.

More of the "head-to-toe is better than a chainmail bikini" school of dress; did they know E3 was a huge hall packed with gamers? Or were they expecting the Antarctic? Either way, props to these guys or girls for smiling. Oh wait, they're probably crying inside.

Oh dear. Though the game here is medically-themed, there is never a reason to wear a nurse's outfit in public.

Finally, some real-looking people, though the oversized spanners give this a terrifying Gulliver's Travels feel. Perhaps the spanners are real-sized, and the reality distortion field around E3 is working its magic.

As Terry Pratchett has pointed out, where else does she have snakes?

To our right, the liveliest booth babe of the show. This lady was sparkling with personality and charm, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her job and was entirely knowledgeable about the games. We hope to see more of these wonderful women next year.

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