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Joystiq Video: Wired Spore Event, featuring Will Wright and Robin Williams [update 3]


Last night, Randall Bennett and I had the good fortune to attend a special Wired event featuring Will Wright showing off his next masterpiece, Spore, with a wonderful guest appearance by Robin Williams. We managed to get footage of the entire event and we even scored interviews with both Wright and Williams. Thanks to everyone over at Wired for inviting us!

In the interest of getting this to you as soon as possible, we've uploaded the full 40 minute, 420MB file, which you can access via this link: [link]. Please right-click and save the file locally before viewing. It's 480x360 3ivx wrapped in Quicktime and should play nicely on your video-capable iPod, should you own one.

If you feel like waiting a bit and think that 420MBs is ginormous, then give us about an hour and we'll update this post with some separate chapter-sized versions of the video. Enjoy!

Get the video
[Huge] Get the full enchilada
[Cutdown1] Get the first 10 minutes (Will Wright introducing character creation)
[Cutdown2] Get the next 10.
[Cutdown3] Get the following 10.
[Cutdown4] Get the final 10.

Update: Someone was kind enough to make a torrent: [link].

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