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PS3 impressions: Sonic the Hedgehog

Adams Briscoe

There probably aren't a lot of gamers out there who think about the blue hedgehog and don't have fond memories. The long and short of it are simple: he's come a long way from his grassroots on the Sega Genesis, but Sonic has never looked so good as he does on the PlayStation 3.

The thing that makes this so much fun is not just the splendid environments, and it's not just the pretty graphics. Essentially what makes it stand out is the raw momentum that the game employs in beautiful high definition. Thanks to the homing system, Sonic can jump into the air and then instantly bolt at a target from the press of a button.

It will happen in the blink of an eye. If gamers are fast enough, they'll be able to jump into the air, home in on an enemy and unleash their attack. This becomes even more involved as Sonic is bounced back into the air after ramming into the target and given another opportunity to bury another one.

This homing jump also gives him the ability to focus in on environmental elements which allow Sonic to reach distant objects. With the help of his speed, this is how the demo level progressed very quickly (airborne, that is). Judging from the demo, Sonic the Hedgehog for the PlayStation 3 is currently looking very well.

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