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Vista in-box games get an upgrade

Ken Weeks

After years without an update, the classic time-wasters that come included with Windows are finally getting an upgrade thanks to Microsoft Casual Games division. I checked out the Vista versions of Solitaire (perhaps the most casual game of all) MineSweeper, Hearts, Majong Titans, Chess Titans, Inkball. All have recieved a graphical facelift befitting Vista's Apple-ish look. There's also a new 3-in-1 game aimed at kids called Purple Place that looks particularly suited to Xbox Live Arcade. I jokingly inquired about integration with XBLA, and was told that pipe dream was quickly scrapped in favor of boring corporate compliance. Not that Solitaire has much multi-player potential anyway. In fact the Vista in-box games won't be included in some business versions, a smart move if you want your people to get any work done. Another example of how your employees could be spending their productive hours after the jump.

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