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Wii impressions: Monkey Ball (minigames)

Ross Miller

Behind doors at the SEGA booth, we got to check out three of the promised 50 minigames that will be included in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz for the Wii. The three games we tried out are very simple and intuitive:

  1. Darts -- Hold A to grab a dart, push forward and release to throw. Then go play real darts.
  2. Hurdles -- Shake nunchuk and Wiimote furiously, occasionally press B to jump. Try not to feel ridiculous.
  3. Hammer Throw -- Spin Wiimote in the air, wind up steel ball and release some score-breaking distance.
The games are extremely simplistic, both conceptually and artistically, but so goes the Monkey Ball franchise. SEGA is going for quantity on these minigames -- they could use more visual flair, but at least they've seemed to gotten the controls down.

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