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Xbox 360 impressions: TimeShift


TimeShift has nailed balance. Our biggest fear about this game was that the ability to control time (slow down, pause, and rewind it) would make it too easy. This is not the case, even on normal difficulty. We got laid out on our first attempt when we decided to rush a seemingly innocent pair of enemies.

At first glance, TimeShift appears to be a run n' gun shooter, but it calls for strategy. Of course, this often boils down to attacking (and draining your time controls powers), retreating, recharging, and repeating. Thankfully, the AI is moderately intelligent and will seek you out if aware of your presence.

We were disappointed with the visuals, which certainly don't live up to second wave (Xbox 360) expectations. This can likely be attributed to a painful development cycle that has seen two different publishers and abandoned an Xbox version. Still, the time control concept adds an interesting twist to an otherwise mediocre FPS, as it looks to offer a stimulating mix of attack strategies and environmental puzzles.

[Note: TimeShift will also feature multiplayer modes. Details were not available at the Vivendi booth.]

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