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Frame City Killer killed; RPG to replace it in lineup

Dan Choi

If internet reports are to be believed, Frame City Killer has been cancelled, with an unnamed RPG replacing it in Bandai-Namco's roster of upcoming games.

We knew that FCK (as it's affectionately known in the gaming community) was having some problems -- with multiple delays stemming from poor graphics and inadequate content -- but most 360 owners expected the game to come out one way or another sometime later this year.

If you're a member of the Frame City Underground (the official fan community for the game), a pretty clear announcement in English has already been made. Check out the full text below. FCK ... we'll miss you.

[Thanks, murph, Blue_Six, & a tipster who'd like to remain anonymous; via Evil Avatar & GameFront]

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Frame City Killer Cancelled

Posted on May 12, 2006 11:05am EDT

A message from NAMCO:

Hello Team,

Thank you for your support for the past year on Frame City Killer. Unfortunately, we have some disappointing news - due to unforseen issues in the development, we have made the decision to cancel the game. We appreciate all the enthusiasm you have shown on our project, and hope that you will keep your eyes out for our future projects. NAMCO BANDAI Games America is invested in delivering great games, and hope to work with you again in the future.


NAMCO BANDAI Games America Marketing Team

...more news on the community to come shortly...

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