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Nokia's E3 booth tour


Despite Nokia's best attempt at a snazzy E3 booth and plenty of 3D game examples on display, the only real draw to their booth was the booth babes. A trio of the cute girls even had their very own line of gamers waiting to have a picture taken with them. Otherwise, the whole booth had a roughly 10:1 ratio of staff to visitors. The games really weren't that bad, and the 3D graphics are always interesting to see running on a random Nokia phone, but nobody much seems to care either way. Click on for pics of all the excitement.

Alright, now this is just sad.

Nokia's plans for a party might have been overly optimistic.

We thought this smoke curtain was pretty cool, if only they could capture this kind of experience on a S60 phone.

If you thought the female staff was bored...

We thought better of an attempt to figure out what this horse is all about.

Between multiple Nintendo titles and now this Nokia bit, 3D fishing seems to be all the rage at E3 this year.

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