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T-Mobile releases HSDPA PC card in the UK

Evan Blass

T-Mobile has just released a PC card for UK subscribers that will allow them to hop on the company's HSDPA network when it goes live, and will also work immediately to access UMTS-speed data services. The purchase of a "web'n'walk" card, which has a quad-band radio for international -- including US -- use, also includes twelve free months of WiFi access at any of T-Mob's UK Hotspots. Customers subscribing to 18 or 24 month data contracts at 17 pounds/month will receive the card for free, but need to keep an eye on their usage, as the fine print states that T-Mobile will warn, and possibly even shut off, customers who download more than 2GB of data in a given billing period.

[Via CoolSmartPhone]

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