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Waiting for Wii: And I'll form the head!


The sight of billions of people waiting in line to touch Nintendo's elusive Wii is hardly something unusual at this year's E3, but men with robot heads are considerably less common. I cautiously approached the frightening man-machine hybrid and was relieved to find that underneath the metallic shine and pulsing red eyes was a passionate gamer eager to get his hands on Nintendo's new games. Yanier Gonzalez decided several months ago that, in order to get into E3, he would have to create a distinctive gaming website. The result was Destructoid, a nifty independent blog that has since become a real passion for Yanier. He told me that he was eager to try out The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and would gladly spend hours in line to give "average Joes" a glimpse at what goes on at E3. Kudos to Destructoid, and thanks for letting me borrow your home-made robot head!

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