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Joystiq won't let Tim Buckley cut in line

Ross Miller

Tim Buckley's Ctrl+Alt+Del comic strip has a pretty massive following. So it's an honor, really, that Tim gave us a little nod in his E3 recap comic. As many of you have pointed out, one of the guys standing in line for the Wii is wearing our new T-shirt.

According to our calcultions, the distance from Los Angeles to the Utah border is approximately 380 miles. There are 5,280 feet in a mile, and the average person in line took up around 2-1/2 feet of breathing room, resulting in approximately 802,600 attendees* in front of us waiting in line for the Wii. So yeah, sorry Tim, we weren't going to let you in -- we had been waiting in line since Wyoming.

[Thanks to everyone who tipped us off; image courtesy of The_Wind_Waker8]

(Update: Corrected spelling of Tim's name; although the paraprax "Time" could still be accurate ... sort of.)

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