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Motorola's SLVR goes Red for Africa

Ryan Block, @ryan

It wasn't too long ago we were hearing rumblings about Bono's humanitarian organization Red getting together with Apple to do an iPod. That obviously didn't (yet) materialize, but you can get another vaguely Apple-co-conspired device through Red if you were thinking of a SLVR. For each phone sold, Red's delivering to The Global Fund for African AIDS programs a £10 ($18 US), then 5% of call charges will also trickle through to the charity. We can only hope that with overhead on retail, Moto, Red, and the charity, a decent amount makes it through to the actual cause, but hey, if you're buying a phone anyway it's better than not buying Red at all, right? Unfortunately it's UK only for the time being (go fig), so if you're really concerned with the health and welfare of the Dark Continent, perhaps you should consider some more direct methods of donation.

[Via textually]

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