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HDBeat Podcast 013 - 05.16.06

Ben Drawbaugh
News from E3 is all the rage this week, so Matt and I try to find the relevant HD news. We discuss the next gen consoles and if HD is a factor for gamers. We try to decide if it is worth the price; of course it is! HD DVD isn't without it's problems and I describe my first hand experiences with the Toshiba player. We lust over an HD BBQ rig and tell you how to mount the king of flat panel TVs.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Ben Drawbaugh

49:07, 28 MB, MP3

The $500 Playstation 3 is missing HDMI, WiFi and Memory card reader.
Wii: Is high-def more important then content?
IGN: Do Gamers really need HDTV?
Xbox 360 HD DVD player
Hands on with the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive @ Engadget
Problems with Toshiba's HD DVD player
Qosmio HD DVD-equipped laptop shipping this week
Warner Bros. keeps pumping out HD DVD movies
A world without high definition DVDs...
Pioneer's Parsons explains why Blu-ray is poised to win
Blu-ray movies are cheaper than HD DVD
Bond, James Bond coming to VOOM HD
A high-def BBQ
Is plasma still the king of HDTVs


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