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How to print a mini address book from Address Book


Ivan over at creativebits has another clever trick: print a little address book for your pocket or purse using Address Book. Who knew? Oh, there it is in the Help.

Apparently you don't have to print the whole thing, as you can limit the address book to a group. The fact that this is quite handy but sorta hidden inside is the fundamental problem with all powerful tools: to make them easy to use, we have to hide functionality. In other words, Address Book would be pretty scary if it looked like the inside of an F-15, where all the functionality is there on the surface. Anyway, finding this tip made me nostalgic for the old "point-and-click" training video that used to come with some Performas. I hope they bring an option like that back for all these switchers we'll be seeing this year. Maybe for iLife '07?

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