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Microsoft launches "Get Ready" program for Vista upgrades

Marc Perton

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Microsoft has officially launched its Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, as part of a new "Get Ready" program designed to convince consumers to rush out and buy new hardware and keep the PC industry afloat, er, we mean, help consumers prepare for Vista before it arrives early next year. If you run the program on any recently purchased PC, chances are you'll get a thumbs up for basic Vista functions. But be forewarned: if your graphics card isn't up to snuff, you'll probably get a warning that you'll need to upgrade if you want that fresh Aero look. And forget about getting advice from Microsoft about upgrading peripherals; just about everything connected to your PC is likely to be met with a suggestion that you "contact the manufacturer." Not that we're worried; chances are that by the time Vista is finally released, we'll have gone through at least a couple of upgrade cycles on our desktop, and should be ready to run whatever it is that Microsoft finally throws at us.

[Via CNET]

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