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odd-i's P11N Win CE 5.0 PMP with GPS


Remember that peculiarly named, but otherwise damn fine odd-i P10 PMP you all (ok, ten commenters) liked so much? Well, odd-i just one-upped themselves by sprinkling in a bit of SiRF Star III GPS with a dash of Win CE 5.0 and christening the new chubster P11N. What's more, all the goodness that is the P10 carriers over so it still sports that same 4-inch, (480 x 272) 16:9 TFT LCD, unspecified dual core CPU, 2 megapixel cam, the ability to record direct from TV, up to 30GB of storage, USB 2.0 hosting, eBook reader, and support for a wide range of media formats including MPEG-1/4, Xvid, DiVx, WMV, MP3, WMA, OGG and AC3. Oh yeah, and it's still destined for Korea-only at the moment.

[Via Akiharaba News]

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