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Princeton PTV-WWTV7 wireless, waterproof display

Marc Perton

Ah, summer; the season to kick back by the pool with a cool drink and catch up on all the reruns you've been saving to your DVR. What, you don't want to bring your TV and set-top down to the pool and risk splashing them a little? Well, neither do we. And that's why we're planning on picking up a Princeton PTV-WWTV7 wireless, waterproof display for the Engadget beach house. The seven-inch LCD, due out in Japan this June for 49,800, comes with a built-in battery and WiFi receiver, and a separate unit houses a transmitter that also includes an analog tuner and S-video and composite inputs for other video sources. And, according to Princeton, it really is waterproof, and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and by the pool, though they don't recommend actually tossing it in the water. That's fine with us; this will be perched on our rubber float all summer long.

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