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Samsung patents sliding-clamshell design


Just when you thought that cellphone form factors had been pushed to the very limit of reality and pocket bulge, Samsung pushes it a little bit further. They've just been rewarded a patent for a "sliding-clamshell" design, claiming to beat the respective limits of clamshells (small screens), and sliders (size and screen damage). To us it looks like they've managed to adopt all the bulk of a slider and then wrapped a chunky clamshell around it, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. When open the device can serve as a gaming device or just a big ass handset, and when closed the corrugated hing wraps around the bulky screen to keep it safe and warm. With as much crap as we give this thing, we'd still love to see it in action, but we're not quite ready to buy a man purse or two just to carry it around.

[Thanks, Allen]

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