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AppZapper updated to version 1.5


AppZapper is one of my favorite utilities. As you can see from the screenshot at right, it's one of only two applications to earn the honor of a spot in my Finder windows' toolbar (ImageWell is the other). For the uninitiated, AppZapper lets you easily uninstall software. Just drop your target app's icon onto AppZapper and it searches your Mac for all related files. One click and they're all sent to the trash. Nice and easy.

Today, version 1.5 has been made available. Changes include:

  • Several bug fixes
  • Resized QuickZap icons
  • Reworked window resizing
There's more, of course, including the coolest new feature, ZapGenie. This lets you sort your applications by the last time they were used. Quickly find and eliminate those apps you downloaded, tried once and then abandoned months ago! AppZapper requires Tiger and a one-time fee of $12.95US includes free upgrades for life.

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