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Joystiq poll: Do you leave your game console on standby?


Do you leave your game console on standby?
Yes, all the time. It's more convenient that way.
Sometimes, when I forget to turn it off completely.
No, I make a conscious effort to turn off my console once I'm finished.
In June last year, UK Environment Minister Elliot Morley revealed that people that leave their TVs sets and other gadgets on standby mode waste roughly "7TWh of energy" of the National Grid's energy per year. According to the Energy Saving Trust, CO2 emissions from the generation of energy required to keep game consoles on standby amounts to roughly 390,000 tonnes annually. That's a big waste and a large contribution to global warming, especially for something people aren't actually using.

When answering the above poll, take note that while some consoles show a red light when in standby (PlayStation 2), others do not (Xbox 360).

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