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Sony's new LCD RP gets real - KDF50E2000

Matt Burns

Sony has been kind of quiet about upcoming rear projection HDTVs but ABC Warehouse, a Michigan based retailer, slipped. They have a page up describing their next-gen rear projection LCDs. Apparently they are going to drop the popular 42-inch size and bump it up to a 46. Bring out the 'classic' 50-inch and the popular 55-inch size along with big 60-incher. There is going to be two HDMI inputs on this series and but the TVs are still only 720p with the 1080p probably reserved for Sony's XBR line. We don't have any more info about the sets besides they are going to be available in June and the 50-inch will be available for $1,999.

[Thanks for the tip Nate!]

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