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Toshiba's HD DVD players almost sold out

Matt Burns

Apparently not everyone is disappointed with Toshiba's initial HD DVD players; that is the cheaper HD-A1. They are sold out across the web at retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, Crutchfield, and Walmart. These are not small town retailers here and if they are having stock issues with the HD DVD players, who else is? The first shipment from Toshiba in early April was estimated to be close to 10 to 15,000 that reached 3,000 stores. A Best Buy spokeswoman has said though that it is kind of hit and miss for the player in their stores; some have it, some don't. The more expensive HD-XA1 isn't having this problem though and seems to be in good supply everywhere as this stock issue is just for the $499 HD-A1.

So what happens when stores are sold out of an electronic (think XBOX 360) Ebay has 'em but for a price. The average selling price for the $499 HD-A1 on Ebay has a $50 premium on it bringing the cost up to $550.

So has any of our readers gone to a store with the thought of buying one only to be sent away because the store didn't have any?

[via Home Theater Blog]

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