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7 new phones from KDDI


Japan's second largest telcoms operator and largest 3G operator KDDI is set to launch no less than seven new phones in June, including a Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson (it's the pink one on top). The Walkman W42S has 1GB of memory and promises 30 hours of music playback, with users able to connect to KDDI's "Listen Mobile Service" (LISMO) to download songs.  Also announced was the Casio G'zOne W42CA, another of Casio's waterproof phones, this one featuring a high-speed data communication module. Additional deets include a 2 megapixel camera, 2.5-inch 65k color display, 50MB built-in memory, and a microSD slot for expansion. Other phones announced include the Toshiba W44T with Bluetooth and 1GB of memory which you can also load up with music from LISMO, the Sanyo W33SA II featuring EZ television and EZ fm service, the Kyocera W42K (also with EZ television support), the retro-styled Hitachi W42H, and the slimline Kyocera A5521K.

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