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HDBeat Podcast 014 - 05.23.06

Ben Drawbaugh
Starting this week we start the show off with listeners comments and then get back to our favorite topic Blu-Ray vs HD DVD. Matt explains the backroom agreement concerning ICT and we both express our concerns for HD DVDs shortcomings. We both rant about Vista's NTSC tuner requirement and fishing up with some programming news, including the fact that Matt shares the name of his favorite show with us, no it isn't Scrubs.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Ben Drawbaugh

49:07, 28 MB, MP3


Sony does not think they can meet the Blu-ray demand
Toshiba's HD DVD players almost sold out
Sony fakes Blu-ray playback [ Update]
Sony Pictures delays second wave of Blu-ray titles
Sony confirms no HDMI upgrade for base PS3
ICT a non-issue till at least 2010?
Solid speculation on the price of the Xbox 360s HD DVD drive
HD DVD not "future-proof" enough
Vista requires a NTSC tuner - UPDATE 1
HDTV Scrubs on NBC?
ABC adds Saturday Night CFB in HD
American Chopper leaving Discovery Channel
Dish Network adding four national HD channels


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