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Microsoft targets Indian market with steep price tag


Microsoft has announced plans to launch the Xbox 360 in India by October. By being the first "second-generation" console available in the country, corporate global sales VP Mitch Koch declared, "[Microsoft is] going to capture 100 percent market share." Did we mention that the Xbox 360 core system is going to retail for 19,990 rupees? That's $440! Ouch.

The plan is to lure consumers with a World Cup tie-in incentive. That is, on June 9, the day the World Cup kicks off, Microsoft will begin offering 10% discounts to those who pre-order the console. According to Microsoft's analysis, India's gaming market is poised to explode. Currently, there are about 1.6 million citizens that spend more than two hours per day gaming.

The initial launch will target India's major cities, but the Xbox 360 will eventually be available throughout the entire country at over 1,200 retail locations.

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