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Sony expects gamers to "Play Beyond" $599 [update1]

Blake Snow

At this year's E3, Sony displayed their "Play Beyond" ad campaign with several massive banners. After announcing the PS3's price point, we'd like to modify that campaign: Play Beyond $599. In essence, Sony expects gamers to spend $1 more than $599 for their full home console gaming experience. Don't get us wrong, we like the PlayStation franchise just as much as the next guy. Who wouldn't being that both the PSX and PS2 contained arguably the largest gaming library for the masses over the past decade. But we're still not thrilled with idea of paying $600 to continue the trend.

You're out of touch with your customer base, Sony. Your current arrogance could be likened to that of Nintendo's circa 1995, hot off their decade of home console dominance. We, a collective gamer nation some millions strong, got you to rethink your PS3 controller (not sure if your "redesign" is much better, though), and now we'd like you to reconsider your exorbitant $600 PS3 launch price. Get to it!

[update 1: word correction]

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