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Sony to drop low-end PS3 from UK launch?

Ryan Block, @ryan

After all the delays and with so much rumor and hearsay going on over at the SCEA camp as to what shape the PlayStation 3's actually going to take this November (and what it is they're going to do to convince us to pick one up that doesn't involve low-balling us), for the time being we're a little leery of the kinds of  things Sony's saying about this and that. But it's remarkably hard to argue when Ray Maguire, head of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, says something like: "The lower-end 20Gb version of PlayStation 3 has no WiFi, no HDMI, and none of the other slots in it, so it's... more likely that we will only launch the 60GB version." Saywha? The figure Sony UK's been tossing around for launch is £425 ($800 US), which -- we're sorry -- is hardly a bargain for any gaming console, equipped with Blu-ray or not. And with the premium UK and EU customers already pay on their gadgets, we can't even imagine why Sony would launch a single $800 version of the PS3 and expect people to cough it up. Then again SCEUK might recant and surprise us with a more reasonable launch price (and both console versions, as the rest of Europe should be getting), but if one thing's for sure, we smell a British gamer mutiny on their hands if they stay the course for a $800 UK launch.

[Via The Reg]

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