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I-O Data's GV-1394TV/M3 analog tuner for Macs


Sure, it won't look very nice perched atop your Mac mini but don't give up on I-O Data's new GV-1394TV/M3 analog tuner for Macs just yet. Using the iEPG programming guide, this little box allows you to schedule and record your favorite NTSC broadcasts directly to your Mac over Firewire. It will even convert video directly to MPEG-4/h.264 for direct transfer to your connected iPod when recording is finished. Included software is fully compatible with iLife 6 making it easy to manipulate video in iMovie or to burn to DVDs via iDVD. Expected to begin shipping in Japan next month for about $240. Still, when it's this hard to tell the front of the unit from the back on a product destined for the living room, well, we'll understand if you pass.

[Via Impress Watch]

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