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Unpacking the Motorola Q

Peter Rojas

Check it, we just got our hands on a brand new Motorola Q yesterday evening and we figured we'd snap a few pics of the unpacking ritual.

Sadly, they went for the standard black-and-red packaging you'll get with any run-of-the-mill Verizon handset. You'd think they'd steal a page from Apple or iRiver or Helio's playbook and realize that good packaging (usually) makes people feel like they've just bought something special.

Anyway, we haven't had a ton of time to play with it yet, but we've already noticed some improvements over the pre-production model we, uh, obtained a couple of months ago. For starters, the D-pad is way better. You can't even compare 'em. The QWERTY keyboard is a little better than it was before. It's still not perfect, but it's gotten better on every successive version of the Q we've handled over the past 10 months or so (it'd be nice to compare this final version with the original prototype they showed off last year to see how it's evolved). The other major difference we've noticed so far is in the responsiveness of the UI, it's definitely snappier than it was before.

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