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1080p projector roundup


HDTV Magazine talks 1080p, covering such issues as frame rate and de-interlacing. While we've discussed de-interlacing and upconversion before, this article breaks down the difference some devices may have in adjusting the framerates of 1080p content, while Sony's upcoming Blu-ray player will output 1080p at 60fps only, Philips is opting to push the native 24fps and so far Toshiba has forgone 1080p altogether. That's one more setting that you may want to make sure your next TV and high-def DVD player purchase include the option to adjust, or if they don't adjust, have default settings that mesh properly.

Since that wasn't enough full-resolution controversy, they make a cursory comparison of two LCoS-based front projectors, the JVC DLA-HD10K and Sony VPL-VW100 with four projectors featuring Texas Instruments' new true-1080p DLP technology, no wobulation here. The Optoma HD81, Sharp XV-Z20000, Marantz VP-11S1 and Action model 3 1080p.

[Corrected Sharp model #]

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