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Promo shots of Sanyo 6600 slim folder for Sprint


While the blurry shots we saw a couple of months ago let us know the general idea of Sprint's rumored 6600 "Katana" phone from Sanyo, we're happy to report that the real deal is looking like quite the hottie, and should be appealing to squeamish mobile users who can't quite handle the naming direction Moto is taking their slim line. Unfortunately, the Katana doesn't really expand upon the aging feature set of its RAZR rival, with a mere VGA camera, Bluetooth and conspicuously absent EV-DO. The 2.2-inch QVGA display is welcome, but we have yet to see if the phone will provide much opportunity to utilize it. Still, the phone is quite the looker, and its multiple colors out of the gate should at least give fashionistas cause to talk. There's no word on release date or price, but Sprint better get on this one fast before it looks even more ancient than it already is.

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