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Quick! Where's the debug menu?


Matt Thomas has a bug stuck in his 23" Apple Cinema Display. Amusingly, the little fella is still alive: check out the video above to see it wandering across his screen. He has absolutely no idea how to get the bug out (although one commentator suggests he should lure the bug out with morsels of food) so at the moment Matt's hoping for the bug to graciously die off screen.

The same thing happened to me with my 17" Samsung LCD, I believe it was even the same type of bug! I too waited for the bug to die off screen but instead, the bug decided to lay his grave in the dead centre, right at eye level. Now whenever friends use my screen they instictually attempt to swipe it away. What do I say to them when they ask about it? "Well, I was playing this game called Bugdom - it crashed really bad one day and left one of the bugs behind". Gets 'em every time.

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