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Russian scientists create the stellar battery?


There aren't a lot of details on this one, but according to the AFP news agency, Russian scientists have developed a sort of super battery that can not only harness solar power, but star power as well. Yeah, you heard us. Valentin Samoilov of the Dubna Nuclear Institute is quoted as saying that they "have successfully created a new substance... thanks to which this battery can work on earth, independently of meteorological conditions, using solar and stellar energy." Samoilov also added that the new battery would be cheaper than a traditional solar panel, which kinda started to spike our fantastical-meters. Another report from ITAR-TASS describes this new substance as a "heteroelectric" but doesn't elaborate any further; we'll need a few more deets before we place our pre-pre-orders, but anything that supposes to save us both power and money by harnessing the power of distant stellar bodies has definitely got our immediate attention.

[Via Futurismic]

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